Statement from Gnomon Wise on the Current Events in Georgia

The Research Institute Gnomon Wise, since its launch, has been a steadfast advocate for Georgian citizens' aspiration to join the Western community, establish a liberal democracy, and foster the development of robust, independent institutions. Through our rigorous academic research and policy work, we actively contribute to shaping Georgia's European future and vehemently oppose any forces that undermine this trajectory.

Any law and action that strengthens autocracy and hinders democratic development is a betrayal of Georgia!

It is unacceptable for those in power to adopt Russian law and ignore the will of the citizens!

Considering that the country is in the pre-election period, our team has devoted all its efforts to developing a package of reforms in multiple policy areas and, accordingly, strengthening substantive debates. Unfortunately, recent events have destroyed the possibility of substantive public discussion. Considering the existential threat to the nation, we profoundly believe that at this stage, protecting the values we consistently and continuously strive for through our work is now possible primarily by standing next to the citizens!

The will of Georgian citizens won and will always win!