About Gnomon Wise

Who We Are

Gnomon Wise is an independent research institute, based in the University of Georgia. Our team unites experienced researchers, qualified in different fields, who share and support democratic values. We strongly believe that the knowledge we produce in good faith is beneficial to each individual, and therefore to the humankind as a whole. 


What We Do

Gnomon Wise produces expert and comprehensive knowledge and ensures its genuine distribution. To facilitate  democratic development, we establish strong linkages between academia and public policy and encourage public engagement in this process to enhance knowledge-based, people-oriented decisions. 

We exchange ideas and make it possible for everyone to be a significant contributor to the marketplace of ideas. 


How We Do It

Severally or with the help of national or international experts, we produce academic and applied research. Furthermore, with the broad engagement of governmental, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders we create a different kind of analytical documents, policy papers/briefs, reports and encourage round table discussions and conferences. 



Our mission is to produce knowledge by creating multi-dimensional, sound and qualified research to encourage the welfare of each individual.



Gnomon Wise seeks to be globally recognized as a reliable and trustworthy research and analytical institute.