Neutrality - the Paradoxical Choice of a Vulnerable Small State

photo credit: Lightspring / Shutterstock

The citizens of Georgia "discovered" an important, perhaps even only option of self-preservation, security, and development of their society early on and chose the European course for the country, which was later declared as Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspiration. However, in the wake of many difficulties arising in the process, contradictory attitudes towards this aspiration are still appearing. This contradiction has two main directions: the course towards the northern neighbour and the course towards neutrality, and sometimes these two are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, taking into account the valuable instinct of self-preservation and, at the same time, in response to the discussion on the issue of neutrality in the Georgian reality, Gnomon Wise offers a study - "Neutrality - a Paradoxical Choice of a Small Country." The study analyzes the issue of neutrality, its advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, the paradox of the choice of neutrality in the conditions when the country cannot fully control its territory and has to "co-exist" with the enemy's army is presented.

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Irina Gurgenashvili